How to pronounce diptic

French diptych?

Fifty years since L’Eau debuted this spring Diptyk revisits its past in two new olfactory releases that continue the whimsical charm of the fragrance. French perfume house today, as well as its history of creative collaborations and the spirit of the 60s.

How to pronounce Bayes candle

What is special about Diptyque candles?

IN USA, Diptyk best known for his candles, which are presented in elegant boutiques. The cup-sized candle costs $65 and comes with expensive French scents like Figuier, Feu de Bois, and Feuille de Lavande, which translates less romantically into English as Fig Tree, Wood Fire, and Lavender Leaf.

Why is diptic so popular?

Those Parisian candles are known for their exceptional quality and beautiful designs. In addition, manufacturers Diptyk candles known for never using synthetic flavors in their products. Among luxurious scented candles, this is the place Diptyk candles in a unique category.

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