How to pronounce curry

What is the meaning of fuss?

intransitive verb. 1: approach or, as it were, at a fast pace: run. 2: move around excitedly, confused, or fluttering.

How do you pronounce Scarry?

How to pronounce Joseph

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Submitted from: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Pronunciation: JO – sef JO rhymes with “Blow” Sef rhymes with “Deaf”
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name type: Name
Floor: Male

How do you say Joe in Italian?

Giuseppe is Italian name form Joseph. Giuseppe is almost always a misspelling.


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Related names Joseph, Joe (name), Giuseppina (name)

How to pronounce Joseph in Spanish?

jose predominantly Spanish language and the Portuguese form of the name Joseph. Although this name is spelled the same, this name is pronounced differently in each language: Spanish language [xoˈse]; Portuguese [ʒuˈzɛ] (or [ʒoˈzɛ]).

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