How to pronounce craving

How do the British say “Thirsty”?

How do you pronounce the word greedy?

What does it mean to drink?

1: Feeling the need for fluids. 2: needs moisture thirsty harvest. 3 : strong desire : impatience Stray dog ​​was thirsty for affection.

How many sounds does Thirsty have?

thirsty is a 7-letter word used as an article or satellite adjective and has the letters hirstty. Starts with t, ends with y, six consonants, one vowel and two syllables. You can use thirsty as an article or as a companion adjective in a sentence.

What is the vowel sound of the word thirst?

It can be argued that for elements such as the first, thirstDouglas hears vowel how [´] more likely than [ø]. Another shade of this short circuit sound “approaching” an abbreviated version of the “first sound e’, which can perhaps be interpreted as [i].

How to tell that I’m hungry?

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