How to pronounce could?

Is the letter L silent in the word “may”?

l. The most obscene of shut up l words, of course, Colonel. The word sounds identical to the core, which is an honorific, respectfully written word. l it’s the same silent in couldshould, would, as well as in the calf and in the half, and in the chalk, and in silence, and in the palm, and in the psalm.

How do you pronounce this word?

Could the pronunciation should have been?

That pronunciation easier than it seems; L is silent. So they all have an initial consonant, UH, like in BOOK, and a D sound. Must, would, could. They rhyme with “good,” “hood,” and “tree.”

Maybe the pronunciation can’t?

1 Answer. “Maybe” is usually pronounced /kən/ (with a shva sound): as in “I maybe (/kən/) to ride a bicycle.” It is considered as a function word and therefore has no stress. “I can not” is pronounced /kænʔ/ (with a glottal stop replacing the expected /t/ sound), as in: “But I I can not (/kænʔ/) to ride a horse.”

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