How to pronounce chile

How to pronounce Chile country?

As cholo57 noted, “Chile” is an pronounced something like “Chilai”, but not only by Chileans, but by all Spanish speakers. In fact, this last vowel does not exist as such in English (at least not in final position).

Chili is pronounced like chili?

In American Englishchilli” is the most common spelling for hot peppers, as well as stews and hot dog toppings. In British English, the preferred spelling is “chilli“. In Spanish-speaking countries and regions of the United States”Chile” is the most common option.

How to say Chile on Reddit?

It’s Chi-Leh in Spanish, but Chi-Li in English. You won’t see a Japanese person telling other English speakers that their country should be pronounced like Ni-hon, not Ja-pan. It’s the same concept. In English Chilecool and Chile are homonyms.

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