How to pronounce button

How do Americans say button?

V American In English, /d/ and /t/ usually become /ɾ/ between vowels, so “button” is /ˈbʌɾṇ/ … but in Spanish /ɾ/ is a very common phoneme that, both orthographically and thanks to many familiar words, is unequivocally rhotic, i.e. refers to other sounds of “r”, and not stops like /t/ and /d/ .

How do British people pronounce button?

Break ‘button‘ by sounds: [BUT] + [UHN] – to tell say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can reproduce them consistently.

Below United Kingdom transcription for ‘button‘:

  • Modern IPA: bə́tən.
  • Traditional IPA: ˈbʌtən.
  • 2 syllables: “NO” + “uhn”
  • Why do people say button?

    Please wait a bit and try again. Why make many young Americans pronounce word “buttonlike boo-yen, even without using the glottal stop? They seem to emphasize the short “e” sound rather than the normal glottal stop going straight to the “n” sound.

    The letter T is definitely silent?

    In practice yes, in practice quiet if someone does not make much effort to pronounce it. When we have a group of consonants here /ktl/, one sound is often not heard. The linguistic term for this is “dissimilation”.

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