How to pronounce bolognese

How to pronounce beef bolognese

Is the G silent in Bolognese?

“Yes,” I replied, “spaghetti bolOGnesian”, while she laughed for a long time and told me:“G” was quiet. “It’s bol-o-nice,” she said phonetically. “No, it’s not,” I replied, “it’s bolOGnesian”, – adding rather impressively, “from the Italian city of Bologna”.

Is it bolognese or bolognese?

Even spelling divides peoples – bolognese is an Italian word and a French word, bologneseas most Australians know it. “In Australia we used to eat bolognese spaghetti sauce, but in Bologna they don’t eat that way.

Bolognese French or Italian?

Bolognese sauce (UK: /ˌbɒləˈneɪz, -ˈnɛz/, US: /ˌboʊlənˈjeɪz, -ˈniz/; known in Italian like stew alla bolognesepronounced [raˈɡu alla boloɲˈɲeːse, -eːze]stew bologneseor just stew) – meat sauce in Italian cuisine typical of the city of Bologna.

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