How to pronounce boise

How do locals pronounce Boise?

Fight – See, not Fight – Zee. This is one way to find out if someone is from there or lived there for a while. “Boy-zi” or “boy-zi”.

Why is Boise called Boise?

boise was named French-Canadian trappers of the early 19th century for a tree-lined river (French boisé, “wooded”) that made life easier for travelers crossing the desert plain of the Snake River.

How to pronounce Moscow Idaho

Does Idaho have an accent?

residents of Idaho have an accent — at least what we know — but we really is kind of our language. In truth, it can be difficult to pinpoint the unique language qualities and phrases that are unique to Idaho as a state rather than to one particular part, but there are a few habits that many of us seem to share.

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