How to pronounce bjork

How does Björk pronounce his name?

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Pronunciation: j is pronounced like the y in “yes” ö is not found in English, but ör is most similar to the vowel in “jerk”. So, Bjork rhymes with idiot.
A type Name: first title
Floor: female
A source: Icelandic
Alternative spelling(s): BjorkBjork

How do you spell Björk?

BjorkBjork, Bjork or Bjork Swedish surname meaning birch. It is also an Icelandic name given to girls, meaning birch, specifically Iceland’s most common native tree, Betula pubescens tortuosa (Arctic downy birch).

How to pronounce Björk Reddit

Drawing of my favorite jazz singer Bjork (pronounced B-york)

How do you pronounce her name?

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