How to plead guilty

How do you pronounce guilt?

The letter T is definitely silent?

In practice yes, in practice quiet if someone does not make much effort to pronounce it. When we have a consonant cluster here /ktl/, one sound is often not heard. The linguistic term for this is “dissimilation”.

What does guilty mean?

1: Responsible for doing wrong. 2: I suffer or show bad feelings because I did something wrong. I feel guilty about lies. Other words from guilty. guilty \ -​tə-​lē \ adv. guilty.

Is it pronounced A or e?

There are two ways to tell ‘a’, when used as an indefinite article, these two pronunciations are ‘yes’ (/eɪ/) or ‘Umm(/ə/). Both pronunciations are correct and it’s really a matter of personal preference which one you use.

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