How to make good eyeliner

How to make eyeliner more accurate?

What type of eyeliner is best for beginners?

Pencil liners are the easiest type of eyeliner per newcomers apply. They don’t run, they don’t smudge easily, they glide over the eyelids in a smooth and even distribution that stays in place. This eyeliner from NYX Cosmetics is incredibly easy to use for quick application.

How to make the perfect eyeliner?

How to draw with eyeliner for beginners?

Does underliner make your eyes look smaller?

Despite what you may have heard, wearing dark shades is not a good idea. Eyeliner to your Lower waterline because it can actually reduce the look of your eyes. Instead, take your approach to Eyeliner just below the bottom lashes to help do your eyes look bigger.

How do Asians apply eyeliner?

How do Asian women do natural makeup?

Why does black eyeliner look bad?

Maybe your skin is too light for black liner (try medium to dark shades such as browns, blues, greens, etc.), application (lots of practice and experimentation will help), type of liner/appliqué (try using a pencil or gel with a thin brush to apply tiny dots as close to the lash line as possible and smear together)

How can I enlarge Monolid’s eyes?

#1 Stretch and blend your eyeliner

Like Seulgi in the picture above, do make sure your eyeliner is slightly above the end of your eyelid and lift it up. It will be do your eyes appear more feline, determined and peppy, which in to turn makes your eyes seem bigger.

Are small eyes beautiful?

Small eyes are usually condescending and criticized as “ugly” by both sexes. But at the same time, many male models tend to eyes that small, cross-eyed, narrow and/or hooded. As for females, small eyes maybe beautiful on them too.

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