How to get rid of sink smell

Why does my sink smell bad?

There are two main reasons why your drain in the kitchen May smell: Accumulation of food and debris in the downpipe. Everything you put in sink Also, water can stick to the sides of the pipes or get stuck in the U-bend. And over time the bacteria will cause it to decompose and smell.

Why does my sink smell like sewer?

If the P-trap is blocked or dry, it may cause sewage smell proceed from sink. If sink regularly used, you can eliminate evaporation as the cause smellit means that either it is clogged, or there is a leak that does not allow water to get to the bottom of the trap.

Will bleach get rid of sink odor?

Pour some Bleach there: Bleach kills most of smell– causing bacteria. if you are murder v smell-causing bacteria, you’all destroy them smell also. Use bleach To kill the smell-causing bacteria, first, fill your sink with hot water. Try boiling water: boiling water for example bleachkills smell– causing bacteria.

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