How to germinate melon seeds?

Fill them with potting soil and garden soil (mix in equal parts). Lightly tamp. Press 2 or 3 seeds to a depth of 1 cm with the tip down. It is from this side that the embryo comes out and the roots develop; this way you will avoid delaying the appearance of the cotyledons above the ground.

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– Lightly press 2 to 3 seeds per cup.
– After digging, only the strongest plants are left.
– After 3 weeks, we can plant the land, provided that the risk of frost is eliminated.
– Keep a distance of one meter between each leg.

In this regard, when to sow watermelon seeds?

Depending on the climate of your region, watermelons are sown from March under cover and in a bucket with a landing in May after all the risks of frost, or directly on the spot from May.

How to germinate melon seeds in cotton?

– Step 1: Select seeds that germinate easily and soak them.
– Step 2: Place seeds on damp cotton.
– Step 3: Germinate the seeds in good conditions.
– Step 4: If necessary, transplant the young plants into a pot.

Also, when and how to sow melons?

For gourds, a deep, fertile, fresh, loose, humus-rich, clay-limestone soil with a pH slightly above 7 is required. the sun.

When to plant sage seeds?

Sow under cover from February-March or on the spot in April-May, in pockets of 3-4 seeds every 40 cm in rows at a distance of 80 cm from each other. Germination of sage can be slow and take about 3 weeks. Then thin out to leave only one plant.

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How to germinate seeds in water?

– Fill a bowl with water and place the seeds you want to germinate for 1 night (total duration more or less depending on the seed variety, see instructions on the seed bag). …
– The next day, filter the seeds and rinse them, drain the water and rinse the seeds.

How to sow white sage seeds?

Sow in pots or nursery at a temperature of at least 18°C. Cover the seeds and keep them moist. They dive after the last frost, when 4-5 leaves appear on the plants, at a distance of 50 cm in all directions. Wait for the soil to warm up before planting immediately.

How to sow seeds in a bucket?

Place 2-3 seeds and cover with soil. Water from a bucket without completely soaking the soil, the substrate will be too dense and the seeds will not appreciate too high a moisture level. Use a fine spray head or wash buckets, allowing the soil to soak in through capillary action.

What plant is associated with melon?

Melons are actually quite susceptible to powdery mildew, as are tomatoes, so it’s best not to plant them near them. Melon, on the other hand, appreciates the company of corn or sunflowers.

When to plant tomato seedlings?

Keep the buckets warm until the last frost has passed (in April if all goes well) before moving them to an unheated shelter (under a tunnel, roof or frame) to await their final planting in the garden.

When to plant salvia officinalis?

When to plant salvia officinalis? For in situ or potting, sow in situ in April or September in mild climates knowing that planting is recommended in the spring.

What seeds to soak before sowing?

To facilitate the release of capricious seeds from dormancy, such as umbrella seeds (parsley, parsnip, carrots, etc.), simply soak them for a day in a glass of water. Be careful then sow them on pre-moistened soil.

When to plant sage seeds?

Sow under cover from February-March or on the spot in April-May, in pockets of 3-4 seeds every 40 cm in rows at a distance of 80 cm from each other. Germination of sage can be slow and take about 3 weeks.

How to grow sage?

Common sage can be grown indoors or outdoors from seeds, young plants, or cuttings. Sage is most often propagated either by purchasing seedlings and transplanting them, or by planting the seeds in pots indoors and then transplanting into the garden.

What soil for seedlings in a pot?

There is a special soil for sowing, cuttings and transplanting, which is especially suitable for planting work in your garden. The substrate for garden soil is very versatile, it is effective for both garden plants and ornamental gardens.

When to transplant tomato seedlings into pots?

Potted Tomato Plant Placement: When the plants have 4 leaves, it’s time to pot them, some call this step “planting”. In fact, the best time is when the seedlings form a second row of leaves on top of the first.

How to have beautiful melons?

Melon is sown from March to mid-May in a greenhouse or on a veranda. The temperature must be at least 20°C. Sow 2 or 3 seeds tip down in a bucket to keep the nicest stalk. Wait until frost has passed to plant the plants in the ground.

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