How to find out the result of the DV lottery

How can I check my DV-2020 result?

EDV-2020 results on Tuesday evening

  • So that you can receipt online EDV result 2020go to the official website of the state government.
  • Step by step process for EDV 2020 Result.
  • Go to
  • There you will find a dialog where you must enter your confirmation number and last name.
  • Finally, click Submit.
  • Are DV 2020 Lottery Results Out?

    That DV2020 Diversity Lottery the results were published in the August 2019 State Department Visa Bulletin. Applicants should check the status of their application online at: by providing: The Application Confirmation Number received at the time of submission. Full name.

    When can I check out my DV Lottery 2020?

    Applicants who applied for Diversity Visa Green Card Lottery 2020 (DV2020) you can check their application status is online as of Tuesday, May 7, 2019 at noon (EDT). DV2020 the application period opened on October 3, 2018 and closed on November 6, 2018.

    Will there be a two lottery 2022?

    For fiscal year 2022US Department of State DV lottery program will make at least 55000 green map numbers are available by random selection. Foreign nationals selected in lottery will be entitled to file green map application during 2022 fiscal year beginning October 1, 2021.

    When can I apply for DV 2021?

    Foreign Nationals Selected in the Fiscal Year 2022 Lottery can submit their green card Applications starting October 1, 2021.

    Do I need a passport for the DV 2022 lottery?

    Valid, not expired the passport Information required: This year’s entries must include the passport number, country of issue and the passport Expiration date. Be sure to print and save your confirmation number: this number is the only way to check your status.

    When will the next DV lottery start?

    Various visa lottery 2021 (entry starts October 2, 2019) in the US

    Who is eligible for the Diversity Visa Lottery?

    To be having a right enter Diversity Visa Lotteryyou must have at least a high school education (defined as the successful completion of a 12-year course of elementary and secondary education comparable to such a high school education in the United States) or its equivalent, or have two years in the last five years

    Is the green card lottery free?

    Entrance to green card lottery is an is free. You can only find out if you have won by visiting (usually starting May 1st). If you win and are allowed to apply, you will have to pay a fee, but this will be done in person at a US embassy or consulate.

    Can I get married after winning the DV lottery?

    After notified of your winyou have at least six months before the interview at the US Consulate. At this time you can marry or have child and new family member automatically be considered suitable for Green map.

    How are green card lottery winners selected?

    All participants Green Card Lottery receive a computer-generated verification code. Winners then selected randomly using a US State Department computer program. Approximately 55,000 applicants worldwide receive Green map.

    How much does the Green Card Lottery cost?

    Payment Fees

    Before the interview, each applicant must pay Diversity Visa Cost. For DV-2020 Applicants payment is $330 per person. This payment non-refundable, whether visa issued or not. Learn more about Fees.

    How can I increase my chances of winning the DV Lottery?

    The best way increase your family chances success lies in ensuring that all eligible family members register for lottery. For details on who meets country, education, and other requirements, see Victory green card through visa Lottery.

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