How to eat fresh spinach?

Fresh spinach can be eaten as is. If you want to eat it hot, you can blanch it in boiling water and then fry it in a pan with a little fat and a few seasonings. Fresh spinach also cooks very well in a pressure cooker for about ten minutes.

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How much fresh spinach per person? Like most leafy greens, spinach shrinks when cooked. So, to make sure there is enough at meal times, plan on 600 to 800 grams of fresh spinach leaves for an adult.

Related to this, how much spinach per person?

Iglo suggests that for an adult, the average serving of frozen spinach is about 150 grams per person. In general, children need less. For them, a portion of about 100 grams will be enough.

Why remove spinach stalks?

Trim the stems. Spinach stalks are edible, but it’s best to remove them, the leaves will be much better because the stalks have an unpleasant taste and are tough even after they are boiled.

Also, how do you cook fresh marmiton spinach?

Rinse the spinach thoroughly and fry it in butter. Prick a peeled garlic clove on a fork and toss the spinach with it. When spinach is melted, drizzle with cream and season with nutmeg, salt and pepper. Mix and serve.

How many vegetables per person?

The standard portion of vegetables is 200 g per person.

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How to eat raw spinach?

– Serve the young leaves raw in a salad with a simple dressing of olive oil and lemon juice. …
– Serve baby spinach, tangerines and chopped green onions with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

How to cook fresh spinach?

Rinse the spinach leaves in clean water before squeezing them. Pour water into the bottom of the pressure cooker or steamer. Divide the spinach into the steamer basket. Count off 6 minutes of cooking time (from the whistle if using a pressure cooker).

How to eat spinach leaves?

Leave the spinach leaves in a bowl of water and a little vinegar for 5 minutes, then drain them, rinse again and eat. Baby spinach is a great food to eat raw because its leaves are smaller, more tender, and tastier.

How to prepare spinach?

Cooking methods. Spinach, pre-blanched in boiling water, reveals its taste very well when fried in a pan with oil and a little garlic. I washed it, dried it for 15 minutes, without water, in a saucepan, and that’s it.

How to eat young spinach?

Healthy food par excellence, baby spinach can be eaten raw or cooked. Highly rich in iron, vitamins and minerals, spinach loses much of its nutritional value when cooked. Eat them in salads or steam them. Spinach leaves are vegetable plants.

How many impulses per person?

How much to expect? Allow around 60g of legumes per person, which equates to 200g of cooked legumes.

How to peel fresh spinach?

Wash them with plenty of water (not too cold, and besides, if you’ve left them in the fridge for too long and they’ve dried out, rinse them in warm water, this will revive them 😉) to remove any dirt that may be left behind. Sort them to remove the yellow shoots and clean them by removing the ribs…

How to wash spinach leaves?

Wash them with plenty of water (not too cold, and besides, if you’ve left them in the fridge for too long and they’ve dried out, rinse them in warm water, this will revive them 😉) to remove any dirt that may be left behind.

How much to plan per person?

Pasta 40-50 g as a side dish, 80-100 g as a main dish
Eggs (for omelet or fried) 1-2 pcs.
Fish 130 to 170 g (220 to 260 g with offal)
Meat 150 g (from 200 to 250 g with bone)
Cheese 30g

How to cut fresh spinach?

Cut spinach to taste. They can be cut with a knife, chopped in a more or less fine blender … Put the spinach on a serving dish and pour over the rest of the warmed cream.

What is a serving of vegetables?

A serving of fruit and vegetables is equivalent to 80 to 100 g. … For example, a medium-sized tomato, a handful of radishes or green beans, a bowl of soup, an apple, two apricots, four or five strawberries, or even a banana are equivalent to one serving of fruit or vegetable.

How many semi-dry beans per person?

It takes about 60 grams per person. Feel free to cook a deuce, serve the rest in salads or mashed potatoes. Pulses are now sorted mechanically and no longer require sorting at home.

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