How to Draw –

Drawing is one of the fun things to do as a hobby, developing artistic talent, or just for fun in your free time. Many people say it’s therapeutic to just draw and let your creativity flow naturally. It’s just like a sketch or drawing, but in a simpler form.

If you still don’t know how to draw correctly, here is a quick guide on how to draw for beginners.

Things You’ll Need

Before we start our step by step guide, make sure you have these materials to help you with your drawing:

  • notebook
  • colorful pens
  • colorful pencils
  • your creativity

Today we will provide at least four simple objects that you can draw for the first time. Remember, don’t stress yourself here. There is nothing right or wrong; your efforts to learn and practice skills matter.

Let’s start drawing

To start drawing, follow these 4 drawing examples:

  • light bulb drawing
    • First you need to draw the base

    Imagine drawing the base of an avocado, or just imagine what a light bulb looks like. First draw it with a pencil so you can erase it and correct the shape if you need to. Start drawing by making an oblong shape, but more pointed at the top. Leave the bottom open and don’t cover the lines. Once it looks good, mark it with a pen of any color you prefer to highlight the base.

    • Work with the light within

    Then start working with bright light. Draw a straight line starting from the bottom and bend it in half. Bend it down and try to make a loop that connects to the other two loops. There should be 3 loops in total. When you have completed the third loop, bend it again, but draw a curved line going down, identical to the first line you made on the other side. Mark it with a colored pen and your light bulb will go out.

    By now you should see that it is starting to look more like a light bulb. To finish, draw a small thin oblong shape inside the light bulb as a reflection of the light. Then draw tall and short lines outside of the bulbs to serve as beams of light. In the last part, process the bottom of the light bulb by drawing a rectangle. Draw at least 4-5 jagged lines inside the rectangle. And this completes your light bulb.

  • water bottle
  • Again, imagine what a water bottle looks like. Start drawing the sides of the water bottle and make the left side first. At the top, draw a line that slopes down, stopping at ⅓ of the body of the water bottle. Curve the line from the slope by drawing a straight line down. Do the same with the right side. You should see how it now resembles the walls of a bottle.

    • We draw a cap and a label

    Start drawing the cap by adding a small rectangle on top of the two lines you made earlier. Make the edges of the rectangle more curved. Then, in the center of the bottle body, draw two horizontal lines apart, which will serve as the label for the bottle. You can get creative and put in something like Coke or Sprite.

    • close the bottom of the bottle

    To complete the object, draw the bottom of the bottle with three curved lines. Imagine how you draw clouds, it looks like this. Just make sure the ends of the curved lines connect to each side of the line, covering the bottom of the bottle.

  • Cup of coffee
  • Draw a big “U” shaped line, then add a straight line at the top that connects the two lines at the top. Now it should look more like a cup.

    Add the coffee mug lid on the right side by first drawing a small, curved line. Then double it with an outer line to make it look more like a lid. This is similar to forming a circle shape, but not completely closed.

    To complete the coffee mug effect, draw some vertical wavy lines on the top of the cup to serve as steam. You can also add patterns or designs to the cup if you like.

  • Alarm
  • Can you imagine how the face of a bear is arranged? We will start drawing from there. Start by drawing a big circle. Then, on top of the circle, draw two ears of the same shape. It should look like the shape of a bear’s face.

    To make it look more like an alarm clock, and instead of a bear, draw two oblique paws at the bottom of the circle. Start on the left by drawing two slanted lines and connecting the two lines at the bottom with another line. Do the same on the right side. It should look like a pair of sticks. Then on the ears, just add one small circle for each ear.

    • Draw the hands of the clock

    Draw a visible dot in the center. Let’s follow the 3:00 time format. First draw the transcript by connecting a horizontal line to the right of the point, stopping the line at a decent distance from the base of the circle. At the end of the line then draw a triangle. To draw, draw a vertical line from the point and end it with a triangle on top. Last but not least, complete it with another circle on the inside to accentuate the shape of the clock.

    That’s it, I hope you were able to follow this easy doodle step by step guide. I wish you to fill your new album with amazing drawings of all kinds of objects.

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