How to delete a blog on tumblr

Why can’t I delete my Tumblr account?

You can’t delete your Check via tumblr application for mobile devices. Removal is only possible with tumblr Web site. When you Delete your Checkyour main tumblr The blog has also been removed. Secondary blogs in which only you are a member are also deleted.

Can you delete your main Tumblr blog?

Each tumblr the user is provided main blog which will be forever associated with his email address and cannot be deleted. That main blog can not be deleted without removal another user blogs. The average blogs can be deletedalthough tumblr hidden and disguised Delete mechanism in the “Participants” control panel.

How to permanently delete your Tumblr account?

Login to your Tumblr accountand click on ‘Check‘, which is a human-shaped icon. Choose from the list of blogs the one you want Delete. In the iOS app, swipe left on blog and select ‘Delete‘. On the android app, select the gear icon (settings) and select “Delete it tumblr‘.

How to delete a blog on Tumblr without deleting your account?

Scroll down the page and click “Delete [your blog’s name]”. If it says “Delete all”, which means that you are currently on the main blog – you can not Delete your main blog without deleting all yours Check.

What happens if I delete my main Tumblr blog?

Removing your tumblr account deletes your main blog and everything secondary blogs. After removing your tumblr account, user email address and blog The URL you selected for the account will be returned to the pool for reuse.

How to Change Your Main Blog to Tumblr 2020?

Login to your tumblr account and go to your current Main blog. Click Customize Theme, then Edit HTML. Right after where it says enter the following code, where “” is the address of the secondary blog what do you want to be Main blog.

What is the point of an additional blog on Tumblr?

Additional blogs lacks some of the social features used by the primary blogs: they can’t like posts, follow others blogs, or send requests or submissions. Anyway, secondary blogs can be password protected, requiring a password to view blog. You can add others tumblr users to additional blog To create a group blog.

How do I switch between blogs on Tumblr for mobile?

Step 1: On your tumblr mobile app, click the user icon in the lower right corner to open the account page. Then click on your username in the top left corner. Step 2. From the drop-down menu, choose another blog you want switch or click the Create New button tumblr button to create a new one blog.

Is it possible to have two main blogs on Tumblr?

Note: if you are I want to create a new main blog, youI will have to log out of the current account and create a new account with another email address in There is no way have two main blogs connected with one E-mail address.

Can I switch between accounts on Tumblr?

Several Accounts: You can now add some Tumblr accounts and fast switch between them without having to log out and log back in.Accounts‘ is located in the left user menu (under the “Posts Liked” section in the “My Menu” section) and in the settings. The name of this app has changed to “FastFeed T”.

Can I have two Tumblr accounts on the same email?

Impossible have multiple tumblr accounts from same email address address like website will just let me know you that the address is already there use. However, it is possible to create “side blogs” that are, for all intents and purposes, complementary. Accounts controlled same email address the address.

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