How to decorate a holiday table?

For a dressy and festive Christmas table, arrange a decorative presentation plate. Above is a plate with a dish. And finally, at the top is the starting plate, which will be smaller. Do not stack more than 3 plates and always arrange them from largest to smallest.

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In this regard, How beautiful to set the table for Christmas?

How to arrange a table for receiving guests?

– Forks on the left, tines pointing towards the tablecloth.
– Knives on the right, point to the plate.
– A soup spoon (if you decide to serve soup as an appetizer – of course) with the curved side up to the right of the plate and to the right of the knives.

And also How beautifully to serve a festive table?

What color is the napkin with the gray tablecloth?

For example, purple napkins, kiwi green napkins, or tablecloths on a gray tablecloth. You can also reverse the contrasts by mixing and reshaping the harmonies of placemats or placemats on the same table.

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How to serve a French table?

How to detach wipes?

Apply lemon juice, white vinegar, or even baking soda mixed with water directly to yellowish spots and leave for several hours. If you can, dry the tablecloth in the sun to restore the final white color.

How to set a simple table?

How to cook French cutlery?

Dessert cutlery is placed between the plate and glasses, the handles are turned towards the hand that will take them. The spoon is taken with the right hand, so its handle will be turned to the right. In France, the forks rest against the tablecloth with the back of the spoons facing the ceiling.

What color is the tablecloth for Christmas?

Green is another great classic Christmas color thanks to the Christmas tree. However, these days, green is not limited to wood: we find this color in accessories such as tablecloths or napkins.

How to arrange glasses on the table?

They will be placed at an angle above the cutlery and plate in order of their size. So, from right to left, this will give: a white wine glass, a red wine glass, and a water glass, knowing that the red wine glass will need to be aligned with the large knife.

How to serve a table in French?

How to choose the color of the tablecloth?

In choosing colors, trust your taste, and do not forget to match the tablecloth to your decoration. As for materials, linen and cotton are always very popular. Tip: Decorate your tablecloth with pretty tableware, napkin rings, and assorted decorations.

How to properly set the table?

1) Put on a presentation plate to take off for dessert. 2) Lay out the main course plate, then the appetizer plate. 3) Cutlery points to the table. The knife goes to the right, the forks and spoons go to the left.

What color is the napkin with the red tablecloth?

How to serve a table in French?

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