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What are the 5 forbidden foods for weight loss?

– Sugar.– Sweet products: biscuits, spreads, cakes, cakes, industrial cereals, etc.– Fatty and fried foods.– Fatty meat and sausages.– Cheese, butter, whole cream.– Refined cereals and white bread.– Industrial food and semi-finished products.– Carbonated drinks and syrups. Read full answer – Fruits and vegetables.– Potatoes and corn.– Whole grains.– Beans.– White fish and seafood.– Turkey …

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Low carb egg noodles?

Keto Noodles – Low Carb Egg NoodlesYummy Low Carb 4.5(15)21 minCream cheese, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, egg yolks, garlic powderLink:————-Easy Keto Egg NoodlesKeto in pearlNo reviews7 minCream cheese, xanthan gum, eggsLink:————-Low carb egg noodlesLowcarbology 4.2(192)7 minCream Cheese, Vital Wheat GlutenLink: Read full answer There are many types of low-carb noodles, from legumes …

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