Could WOKEFISHING be the reason you're struggling to find love?

Could WOKEFISHING be the reason you’re struggling to find love?

Experts have warned single men that “wake-up fishing” is on the rise, with grooms pretending to be more politically progressive to attract a partner.

The term is a combination of “cat catching” when a person pretends to be someone else online and is “awake”, which describes someone who is socially conscious and ready for the world’s injustice.

And now, dating experts have warned that the trend has skyrocketed in popularity during the pandemic, saying it makes relationships “doomed” to fail from the start.

Sex therapist, relationship expert, and psychologist Tatyana Dyachenko told FEMAIL that the practice has become more popular in recent years, explaining: “Wakphishing is on the rise… manipulators are doing it, and if they lie about their political views, you can be sure.” they will lie about other things as well.”

Experts have warned singles that

Experts have warned singles that “fishing” is on the rise, with grooms pretending to be more politically progressive to attract a partner.

She added: “A good example of wake fishing is when a person presents himself as environmentally conscious. They may say they live a zero-waste lifestyle, eat only organic, plant-based foods, and only buy from ethical businesses where the reality is very different.

“The person who catches you pretends to have progressive political views, but in fact it is not.

“They are doing this to build a fake connection with the person, claiming that they have the same political views. This person is pretending to have something in common with you so that you can trust him.”

In the meantime, dating expert Alex Mellor-Brook said: “Wokphishing is common, and ultimately it’s when someone tricks you into believing they have the same basic social and political beliefs as you.” to make you believe that on paper you are more compatible with each other than just physical attraction.”

He suggested that loners keep their social and political beliefs secret when they get to know someone in order to avoid this phenomenon.

He explained, “If you are in doubt and think you might be someone who has been ‘woken up’, ask a question that you have yet to discuss. they are wakephishing.

“When you get to know someone, it’s never a good idea to tell them everything about your social and political beliefs, so you can get to know them better first, take control, and be the one to ask those most important questions. questions, it will save time and energy in the long run to make sure you are compatible.

What is wakephishing?

Serena describes “fishing” as a term used when: “People masquerade as progressive political views to trap potential partners.

“Wokfish may first present herself as a protesting, sex-positive, anti-racist, intersectional feminist who drinks ethically-sourced oat milk and has read Audre Lorde’s back catalog twice.”

She adds that they are actually opposites.

“Other red flags include someone who claims to be a feminist but knows very little about the subject just hoping they tick the box with you.

“If you suspect you’ve been ‘woken up’, ask them more about what feminism means to them, whether they’ve championed any interests or had any personal experience.

“It’s the same with anti-racism, quite often it will be, but for those who are into Black Lives Matter, what do they know about it, other than weird social media posts.

“A lot of them are climate activists, again, this is a passionate topic, but if this is something important to you, ask questions, what are they doing in life to make a difference, why are they so passionate about it? If you get the wrong answer, know you’ve been woken up.”

In the meantime, Tom suggested that the best way to spot “wake fish” was to trust your own judgment.

He added: “Take your time with a new relationship and trust your intuition.

“The best relationships are built on trust, and if you have any small doubts that a person may not be who they say they are, then ultimately it will not work.

“Any deception, no matter how small it may be from the very beginning, is doomed to failure.”

Although many studies show that a political position similar to a partner is important for most people, “wake fishing” seems to be a modern phenomenon.

The term was originally coined by writer Serena Smith in an article for Vice two years ago.

Smith said the protests against the killing of George Floyd placed more emphasis on individual responsibility to stand up to harassment.

She said this has led people to consciously seek out partners with the same political beliefs, morals and values, but it also leads to more people “adapting to get around it.”

A 2019 eHarmony survey found that political differences resulted in 2.7 million relationships breaking off in the UK after a total of 2016.

Brexit had a similar impact; the ‘get out’ vote resulted in 1.6 million Britons either breaking up with their partner or failing to make progress with their dating relationship.

YouGov surveyed 2,380 people and found that more than one in 10 (11%) of those remaining would describe themselves as “very upset” if their offspring dated a Brexiteer, and another 28% said they would be “somewhat upset.”

The study also found that a third of Labor supporters would be upset if their child married a Conservative.

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